(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
adj. inflamed, sore (See pain). See resentment. Ant., calm, at peace.
(Roget's IV) modif.
Syn. enraged, furious, irate, infuriated, mad, fuming, fierce, fiery, raging, convulsed, wrathful, stormy, indignant, cross, vexed, exasperated, resentful, irritated, bitter, ferocious, turbulent, nettled, incensed, piqued, offended, outraged, sullen, irascible, inflamed, annoyed, provoked, galled, chafed, exacerbated, displeased, riled, affronted, wroth, storming, raving, impassioned, sulky, splenetic, choleric, huffy, hostile, rabid, livid, out of humor, out of temper, sore*, peeved*, in a passion*, flown off the handle*, in a pet*, in high dudgeon*, up in the air*, hot under the collar*, boiling*, seething*, burned up*, steamed up*, at the boiling point*, purple in the face*, with one's back up*, all worked up*, seeing red*, het up*, teed off*, ticked off*, miffed*, in a huff*, foaming at the mouth, frothing at the mouth*, wrought up*, up in arms*, fit to be tied*, bent out of shape*.
Ant. calm*, pleased, restrained.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) a.
mad, enraged, infuriated, *pissed, irritated, annoyed, incensed, *spitting mad, bitter, *boiling, *stewing, burning, bristling, *gone ballistic, raging, *bent out of shape, enflamed, *hot under the collar, *miffed, *steamed, *teed off, *ticked off, displeased, provoked, *hot, irked, indignant, irate, galled, nettled, cross, vexed, wrathful, fuming, *mad as a hornet, *mad as a wet hen, *having a fit, *having a hissy fit, *having a conniption fit, *having a hemorrhage, livid, *blowing a gasket, *blowing a fuse, *in a snit, *having a cow, *spitting tacks, *seeing red, *popping one's cork, rabid, venomous, volcanic, fiery, explosive, peeved, *hot and bothered, *huffy, *in a lather, *sore, *in a tizzy, *bellowing fire and brimstone, *full of piss and vinegar, berserk, frenzied, snarling mad, *throwing a nutty.
ANT.: pleased, gleeful, euphoric, placated
Facial expressions and body language: scorching look; piercing look; keep-your-mouth-shut look; eyes narrowed with contempt; level stare; glower; scowl; withering glare; warning look; eyes blazing murderously; eyes sharpening; sneer; frown; snarl; smouldering eyes; lips curling with disgust; spasm of irritation crossing one's face; stony expression; face flushing with indignation; eyes bulging from their sockets; face turning red, then purple; veins in neck standing out in livid ridges; crazed look; unyielding jaw; sticking out chin defiantly; looking about wildly; eyes raking the room; predatory expression; lips contorted grotesquely; smiling maliciously; face lit with bitter triumph; teeth gritted; lips pursed with suppressed fury; face pinched, tight; arrogantly impassive; rolling one's eyes; knitted brow; gesticulating furiously; nostrils flaring; vein throbbing at temple; veins in neck swelling dangerously; stomach knotting; throwing up hands with disgusted resignation; bunch fists; stalk out; storm out.
Speech, voice tone: grind out the words between clenched teeth; stammer with rage; spit out the words with contempt; spew out the words with malicious glee; mutter peevishly under one's breath; speak with grave deliberation; speak with brutal detachment; speak with bitter resentment; taunt; sputter; splutter; scream in exasperation; mock in a sniveling singsong; sibilate; sniff; snort; speak in ragged bursts; speak in strangled tones; gibber; croak; clip one's words; maunder into one's shirt; speak in stentorian bellows; jeer; hoot; speak in grudging tones; voice rising hysterically; voice thick with insinuation; voice tinged with menace; voice rising an octave; voice degenerating to a guttural rasp; voice ascending to a murderous falsetto; voice growing husky/hoarse; voice dripping with spite; snap, hiss, fume, bark, boom, cry, growl, grumble, huff, pant, roar, shriek, thunder, wail, yammer, blurt.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) adjective Feeling or showing anger: choleric, indignant, mad. Informal: sore. Idiom: hot under the collar. See FEELINGS.

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